Solids and liquids

Today we investigated some different substances and grouped them into solids and liquids.


11 and 12 times tables

We used dienes in our maths lesson today to help us work out equations for the 11 and 12 times table.

We saw that 11 is made up of 10+1 and, similarly, 12=10+2.

So if we don’t know how to multiply something by 12 or 11 we can multiply by 10 and 1 or 2 and then add them together.

E.g. 8×12



So, 8×12=80+16=96


At parents evening, many parents asked us the question ‘my child doesn’t enjoy reading, what can I do?’

For many children, it’s not that they don’t enjoy reading, it’s that they haven’t found the author who captures their imagination; therefore every Friday afternoon we are going to take the opportunity to look at new books that are recommended by our peers.

A child’s name will be pulled out of the hat each Friday, and they will have a week to choose a book that they think others will enjoy.

Then on Friday, they will present their book to the class, reading a small extract and saying why they enjoyed the book and take questions.

At the end of the session, another child’s name will then be pulled from the hat.

We are hoping that the activity will encourage everyone to try new books and be inspired by their friends.

Happy Reading!